On some platforms, he used the alias "besteugen" and "eugeneu". This scammer also uses the alias Ram San /. (53) 21 (D325) (257) When You prosper, found your house, (258) love your wife with ardor, (259) fill her belly, clothe her back, (260) ointment is a remedy for her body. Address: 296, Sector 9 Faridabad, Haryana 121006, India Phones: / (these phone numbers are also used by Galaxy Marketing. Also use these emails for the

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scamming of Eugene Samsonov / Eugene Samsonnov CV: (Reham. This address belongs to "The LanguageLab Translations", a legitimate Dutch company (SEE also note 75). Gerald Sapin / (see Eugen Pigeon) / Lives in Switzerland in UpFreelance and in Romania in Elance. Zushe UpWork, and in countless other online portals. (18) (68) Do not answer him to relieve your heart. It remains to be seen that translators spend a long time applying for jobs.

(73) 30 (D428) (348) If You are great after having been humble, (349) have gained wealth after having been poor in the past, (350) in a town which You know, (351) (then) knowing your former condition, (352) do not put the trust of your heart. John Street (146. Notes below ARE referred from THE homepage OF OUR website. Big Bang) out of this point of singularity (Atum and his mythical deed of self-impregnation). Brother of "Mhmd (Mohamed) Rantisi" / / 245 Awda street, Rafah / Ph: / Brother of Abdalrahim Al Rantisi (Translation Secrets) / Facebook profile Abed Raheem / Reham Abu Ghali / Reham. 5 (D84) (73) If You are a man who leads, (74) charged to direct the affairs of a great number, (75) seek out every well adjusted deed, (76) so that your conduct may be blameless. Computer Engineer MBA Student CEO and Founder of Gentle Translations Group. This phone number is also used by the scamming factory "Translation Secrets". Albert Selig / / / Switzerland / Name and address copied from here!

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(Anubis watches a small text-line facing left) : "Said he that is in the tomb : 'Pay attention to the decision of truth and the plummet of the balance, according to its stance! (446) Listening is better than all else. The author is a "qalkassem" (known name in scammed CVs). (52) (255) Even a little of what is craved, (256) makes conflict rise in a cool-bellied man. they write gems like this: How dpes that happent? Mandarin Proofreading traduction i put a spell on you put options explained Service m m m (PayPal ID) note 49 "Meenal Menz" is a ghost created by the scammers. Lafi" (Gaza) / / / Twitter: @alafi88 m (closed, 07APR2014) / m (active, created on 09NOV2013). On his Facebook, he claims to be a "Personal Trainer at Project Manager, LanguageMet CO"! Other Egyptian words suggest that the wise was viewed as competent, able sincere of heart, endowed with skilled knowledge, learned and cunning. Associated w/ Translation Secrets Mohammed Yousef /.

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  • Welcome to the May 2015 Author Earnings Report.
  • This is our sixth quarterly look at Amazons ebook sales, with data taken on over 200,000 bestselling ebooks.
  • With each report over the past year and a half, we have come to see great consistency in our results, but there is always something new.
  • 1 Did the historical Ptahhotep write the Maxims of Good Discourse?
  • 2 Philological Historical remarks and options.